Lets Create An Intimate Affair Exclusive As You

Gulati Catering Company, far from just another event catering company. Born in India, it is the reason that it is considered a leader in creating imaginative and exhilarating experiences, pushing the boundaries of what you expect when you visit. With our hallmarks at our core, the thoughtful and generous service you will experience in here celebrates the unique character of every guest throughout every event and when we create the most impeccable experiences, we simply think about things that others do not. This is what makes us just a little more unique.

Within our DNA, are the highest standards of world class hospitality, the tradition of welcoming guests like no other. We have used this to create the standards of service that have made every event exceptional. No matter if you are experiencing our remarkable service, the presentation or the flavours, you can be sure that your experience will be different.

The Tradition Of Welcoming Guests Like No Other

Everyone should be treated as an individual, and at Gulati Catering Company, we believe in creating unique individual experiences. This helps us achieve our brand promise of being exclusive as you. From concept to last minute details, we ensure that we deliver perfection and quality. We provide exclusive services that are professional and yet extremely personalized to accommodate your every need with style. Our vision is to be an industry benchmark in delivering "Impeccable Service" and "Fine Dining" through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and overall conduct.