We Go With The Flow

There are a hundred different things, thousands if you include crockery and silverware, that go into the making an event perfect. Keeping them all firmly under our control is one of the fundamental reasons our events are consistently qualified successes. This begins with the heart of our operations, our vast central kitchen. Strategically located in Jogeshwari, connected to western express highway, it is manned by some of the finest chefs and assisted by trained professional kitchen staff.

Our chefs, as befitting their status, settle for nothing but the best ingredients and the freshest produce. To keep them satisfied, a dedicated commercial department co-ordinates with our roster of proven, high quality vendors and suppliers. Whenever needed, we import the necessary ingredients, and if the situation calls for it, export the necessary resources.

The quality of tableware is one of the finest testaments to an event's exclusivity, and our warehouse stocks a collection of crockery and glassware to cater to a large number of guests at any event. The demand for our services sometimes sees us catering at several locations concurrently. To make sure that each event receives a similar high quality of attention, we maintain a check of almost 5,000 professionals which is enough to attend to 20,000 guests without any dilution of our service standards.