The World Is Your Oyster

Everyone has their favourite cuisine and everyone has a favourite destination, delivering one to the other is a task that calls for expertise which can only come from years of experience. Since 1969, Gulati Catering Company has specialised in providing customised catering solutions to clientele across the country, handling the logistics involved and the desired cuisine with panache born of passion and matured by practice.

Whether its quesadillas in Mauritius or ratatouille in Florence, we have all the epicurean requirements to create the perfect occasion.

Big fat Indian weddings are always the flavour of the season and to ensure yours is a memorable one, Gulati Catering Company handles every detail, from importing the necessary ingredients to flying special chefs to the venue. We present you with an occasion that you will always treasure.

We Love Taking Challenges

Organising events in destinations away from one's own city can be a challenging job and needs strategic and advanced planning of resources and suppliers. In our long career of catering, we have built a consistent and reliable network of contacts to execute these events smoothly. Every wish of the client is fulfilled and every dream comes true.

Stepping Into Exotic Locations

Destination weddings are the flavour of the season, with clients opting to celebrate their weddings in exotic locations rather than in their own home town. Be it a beach wedding in the balmy tropics or a lavish event at a metropolitan resort, Gulati Catering Company has successfully catered to destination weddings in Jaipur, Raipur and even the Maldives.